21 October 2007

17 October 2007

Little Sister

Designers at Wolff Olins, the branding/design shoppe employing my neat little sister in the big city, decided to incorporate her into one of the final approved logos for the NYC city rebrand (notice a kid sister in the upward left half of "C"). An interesting choice given the type of person chosen to grace a fresh new logo for what is, ostensibly, the center of the world, but, yet, a pathetically fitting one all the same.

double sister.jpg
"I love trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

THAT sneaky little kid sister sure is one HEAP OF DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

11 October 2007



Clockwise or Not?

via Kottke.

10 October 2007

Arcady Asset Managment: Web


Art Director: David
Engineer/Flash/Rhythm Section: Garrison

New day

10/10/07 = Trojan horse of genius. A day where Radiohead:

- deal the record industry an insurmountable hand and rewrite the rules of distribution
- release a perfect record, In Rainbows

- systematically deconstruct the entire press machine and all other traditions
- place the trust of pricing and purchasing music in the fans' hands, a beautiful spin on piracy and a survey which forces one to think, "how much is this worth to me?"
- garner hundreds of millions of dollars in press exposure (pre/post-release)
- have, at once -- or as close to such -- one world listening to an ALBUM in the age of the song/endless mix.

All thanks to a fifteen word announcement via their site on 10/1.

Pretty spec.ial.

(Radiohead chuckle over tea and discuss Johnny's punctuation errors just minutes before introducing In The Rainbow)


03 October 2007

Claim the source............................

Picture 2.png
An outcome will be an interesting one. It will be hard, I think, to rally the citizenry and any form of success. They will be more concerned with larger issues.

Many things are happening in the world today.