10 October 2007

New day

10/10/07 = Trojan horse of genius. A day where Radiohead:

- deal the record industry an insurmountable hand and rewrite the rules of distribution
- release a perfect record, In Rainbows

- systematically deconstruct the entire press machine and all other traditions
- place the trust of pricing and purchasing music in the fans' hands, a beautiful spin on piracy and a survey which forces one to think, "how much is this worth to me?"
- garner hundreds of millions of dollars in press exposure (pre/post-release)
- have, at once -- or as close to such -- one world listening to an ALBUM in the age of the song/endless mix.

All thanks to a fifteen word announcement via their site on 10/1.

Pretty spec.ial.

(Radiohead chuckle over tea and discuss Johnny's punctuation errors just minutes before introducing In The Rainbow)


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