31 August 2007


Point To Be Made:
The child's betrayal in Blood Diamond is far too similar to that of Peter Pan's son's in Hook. Period. The film was a thought-provoking Hollywood affair, sure, but it's an infuriating plot twist that shouldn't go unnoticed.

Tri-pod Swivelling

30 August 2007



Memo from W.C.M.

Today, my pops and I were cruising the Cape Rosier, Maine, shoreline in search of a familiar bald eagle's nest when a mysterious bottle emerged from the crest of a wake on our vessel's stabboard side. We surfed this wake at approximately 3200 RPMs, and I couldn't help but notice the silhouette and a neatly wrapped note within. This is why I swiftly cut the wheel. It was so I could backtrack and grab this curious specimen of the sea.


The note wasn't unremarkable. A bloke/lass who goes by "W.C.M." lavished his reader with anxieties about impending high school and his/her recent break up with a certain Alan. "You dwell on something forever," says W.C.M, "and your life is worth nothing. There are other opportunities in your life."

"Don't expect your first close person will be with you forever," he goes on to say. "If that part just offended you, my deepest apologies are with you."

Thank you for the apology, W.C.M. We were offended, and deeply so.

According to the note, the message in a bottle was launched on August 28, 2007 from North Haven Island, Maine, about 8 miles due south from where it was recovered. And, yes, we will respond with a note in the very bottle from whence it came, as W.C.M. has requested.

16 August 2007



!!!, the Loft, October 1,
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Blue Label Herbs Site Completion


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Brilliant New Silent Sunset Video, "Moebius"

by Bill Baird and Peter Simonite

10 August 2007

Footbag, Interrupted

The most despondent reaction to a soccer ball ever documented.
(courtesy of John Carter)

08 August 2007

Selections from Arcady Fund, LP
Investment Packet, Draft Final


Rock the Bells Featuring
Wu Tang/Nas/Talib Kweli,

Rza, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan
flanked by some chick's hipster Jordans.

The post
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05 August 2007

Blue Label Herbs (untreated)

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My Cat

Image adapted from an original painting by Sherry Wong,
whoever she may be.
(via Google Images)

02 August 2007

Stella Artois Tennis League

(photo courtesy of Cobalt Blue)

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair lunges in vain for an approach from former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, in a match that was later postponed by rain. The two are participating in the Stella Artois League of World Leaders circuit that has made a stop at London's Bourthshire Abbernathy, where the likes of past governing officials are competing for the coveted Churchill Cup, and a handsome $437,000 purse. Kissinger broke Blair's serve at 2-1 in the third before heavy drizzle befell the tour rivals; play will resume on Sunday weather pending.

A highly anticpated match between Panama's Manuel Noriega and Sweden's Nils Daniel Carl Bildt was also rescheduled for Sunday. The League caught considerable flack from critics in Washington this past winter over the aggressive amnesty it pursued to suspend Noriega's life sentence for the tour. Bildt has 4-0 lifetime record against Noriega.

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