27 July 2007

Southwest Circumnavigator Club Induction

We are pleased to introduce Brian Y. Dunaway, the world's foremost rising young circumnavigator, and first member of the Southwest Circumnavigator Club. The travels of a man so esteemed come equipped with yalls inconceivable to the mind's eye. Our committee looks forward to what you should say or do to suggest that he's not the most rightful new member of this club.

("Grassy Slopes," by Brian. 07/07/07)

Dunaway y la familia's past four excursions:
2007: Mont Blanc
2006: The Great American Road Trip
2005: South Texas' Padre Corpus Compuesto region
2004: Slot canyons of Utah *

* The journey that sours all attachments to Frost's "road less traveled." Duns, his wife, and two of their very dearest friends follow that very road and end up trapped in mud-flooded slot canyons for 36 hours in the heart of Utah's treacherous Coutebra di Iblestes canyon range. Dunaway, an Eagle Scout and former World Nature Council Secretary of Treasury, snickered dismissively at the conditions and kept everything in check with simple rocks and sticks, primitive tools which functioned as food, water, bridges, fire, friction, ice, and wind during the course of the ordeal. You very well may have read about this in the 2005 Chick-fil-A calendar.

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