30 September 2007

Radiohead LP7: "In Rainbows"

Felt compelled to make a quick note about Radiohead's genius unearthing of their forthcoming LP, "In Rainbows", miraculously due digitally in 10 days, a veritable Trojan horse to the music industry's staid lead time/scheduling/promo cycle. Garrison cracked the code via an RSS feed and we were the first to post on it as a result. Mad props, however meaningless it soon became in the grand scheme when it was subsequently reported by 765,432 sources just moments later.

(an artist's rendering of what the physical copies of "In Rainbows" might look like, translated directly from the binary coding of the songs' original files and woven into a physical representation/image of the digital record)

Anyway, it's a genius marketing move, and one that I will admit to having predicted well over a year ago when it was announced that they were holding out on Capitol after their deal expired. A band of Radiohead's caliber has no need for a label in the modern era, especially a desperate dinosaur like Capitol (a label that I can attest, through personal experience, is severely lacking in mental fortitude and forethought). Anything Radiohead does is hyper buzzworthy, so why wouldn't they leverage their prowess and debunk the archaic machine in one fell swoop? Admittedly, few bands are in a position to pull something like this off, but I'll venture to say that Radiohead has nonetheless shaken up the entire system with this gesture. No question. It's only appropriate that a band of this caliber is responsible for executing such a wicked coup. An interesting day for the biz, no doubt. Leaves pretty much everything up in the air.

That, and it's probably going to be an unbelievable record.

Also...the fact that Radiohead allows you to determine the cost of the record is an exquisite commentary. They'll send it to you for $0.00, or whatever you choose to pay.

25 September 2007

Magna Carta = Magna Rad

A friend of mine doesn't want anyone to know that he's leaving town early tomorrow morning to attend Sotheby's' private auction of the "most important document on earth," the Magna Carta. The holy grail of cartas.

In his pursuit of the artifact, a document that appeals for fundamental human rights against the tyranny of the king (the first recorded denuncation of tyranny, my friends), the anonymous buyer -- an avowed tyrant, ironically -- has undemocratically asked me to remain mum in the hopes of not driving the estimated $20-30 million price tag any further, or "unnecessarily", as he smuggly mutters.

The Magna Carta is a very unbelievable thing and is the most important document in history.

Motorik MRI

Had an MRI for my whiplashed neck this morning. The experience leading up to it was somewhat nerve-wracking, but only until the kind gentleman manning the station turned on the machine beast of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging apparatus.

The protocol is simple. You dress in drab 2001 space scrubs, they strap you down mental ward stylee, then the radiological staff ushers you into a pure white circular chamber whose diamater barely exceeds the size of one's corpus. The experience is very Sci-Fi and the time spent within, once the machine has been powered, hypnotic.

(Betty MRI and her MRI machine device + patient. Image supplied by Google Images)

An MRI is a motorik symphony, rhythmic and structured, tantamount to a Wicker Park or Brooklyn experimentalist's art noise suite, but far better and with more relevant and scientific applications...true high art in the weirdest way one could never really expect from a modern human imaging machine.

The kind gentleman of the laboratory asks you to close your eyes and flips a switch that ignites a bassy tremolo -- the foundation rhythm of the motorik medical symphony -- which reminds one of the heart's beat when shaken by an unfortunate event, or struck by a Cupid's arrow. From the foundation rhythm, layers and layers of Krautish noise and Moog sounds are heaped on systematically, with algorithimic precision, and the symphony has begun.

Throughout, textures emerge and disappear -- and resurface -- in dramatic fashion, with the swirling heartbeat bass in tact. Tense, vivid structuring, sounds coming and going, peaks and valleys, harmonies of drone cords and cords within cords. Sort of perfect music framed by the beauty of repetition.

It is impossible to imagine that those put to music couldn't derive inspiration from the MRI's industrial suite of machine noise.

From this MRI music, in this case, the deepest reaches of the neck are imaged, rendered, and ready for analysis.

Go buy three MRI machines today if you can. Now, I will say that you might not be able to do on account of financial constraints/priorities, but you should try if you must.

Trying is the most important thing you can do. Always try hard, but also make sure to believe in yourself through thick and thin. Even when things aren't looking so bright.

24 September 2007




21 September 2007



Spanish Forethought: Espacios Publicitarios

(courtesy of the via by way of Gabe Pearlman at Grand Schemes)

Click hither for mas

18 September 2007

Chronilogical Progression of NYC Subway Development, Animated

(via the courtesy of Kottke.org)

Austin City Limits 2007

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy at Jo's Coffee on South Congress.

M.I.A. thirty-seven seconds before her bumping set.

Win Butler of the Arcade Fire

The lovely St. Vincent.

Peter, Bjorn and John penning tunes on a backstage guitar.

Sound Team bid the world adieu on a fitting stage.

Farmer Jim James of My Morning Jacket wrestles a bag of cotton.

Drew Barrymore

A crowd shot moments before the magnet.

The post
GvsB Flickr! Set
(100 Polaroids in 7 months, Tweedy being the 100th on 9/17)

13 September 2007

Unofficial ACL Aftershow

(poster by Hot Freaks! personnel)

Chris helped curate a GvsB co-sponsored event which was sort of hilariously, officially "de-deemed" an Unofficial Austin City Limits event per the request of the ACL Advisory Board.

Great lineup and all the rest. Very much looking forward to it.

dreams de league of the nba basquetbol

Cousin Tbone makes the defensive transition after an uncontested reverse windmill.

11 September 2007



10 September 2007

New Silent Sunset Video: "The World Is Awaiting"

by Praveen Ayyagari

:::::::: SOUND team break up::::::::

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