02 April 2007


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8th Annual Polyphonic Spree Christmas Extravaganza

American Apparel links Little Joy post.

GvsB Presents: Ratatat, the Granada Theater, 16. September 2008

GZA // The Loft // Dallas // 1. September 2008

No Age. Good Records.

Bobby Digital aka the Rza

Radiohead. Dallas. 18. May 2008

Tapes 'n Tapes at Good Records

Animal Collective Polaroids

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks at the Granada Theater

Gorilla vs. Bear is named one of Rolling Stone's "Best Music Blogs" in the pub's annual "Best of Rock" issue

Everything SXSW 2008

poster...Gorilla vs. Bear Presents: Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks

The Black Lips have another go of Dallas

SXSW 2008: Photos, press, coverage, etc.

Gorilla vs. Booze II Announcement

Liars/No Age at Hailey's

Polaroid Press

Gorilla vs. Bear Presents: Super Furry Animals/the Fiery Furnaces/Holy F***

Gorilla vs. Bear Presents: Dan Deacon Ultimate Reality Tour + the post

Gorilla vs. Bear Presents: Liars

Polyphonic Spree Holiday Extravaganza

Gorilla vs. Bear Presents: Yeasayer

Ireland's Independent gives a "trio of Texans" props in their guide to music on the Internet Machine

Favorite Records of 2007 + Favorite Jams of 2007

The London Times mentions GvsB in their student guide to downloading music on the web

Gorilla vs. Bear Presents: Jens Lekman at the Granada Theater

Gorilla vs. Bear Presents: The Evens, Live at the Public Trust

Gorilla vs. Bear Presents: Girl Talk, Live at the Loft

Devotchka's Day of the Dead Halloween Gala in Denver

Helped with words/thoughts assessing the brilliant new Radiohead in the wee hours of 10/10

GvsB Presents: Devendra Banhart/Jana Hunter, the Granada Theater, 10/6/07

GvsB Presents: The Black Lips, Live at the Loft, 10/4/07

GvsB Presents: !!!/The Field, Live at the Loft, 10/1/07

!!! announcement!!!

Deerhoof/Bloc Party at the House of Blues"

ACL in Polaroids.

Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues

Bonde do Role poster

Rock the Bells/Wu Tang

White Denim at HoB

Some words for a Black Lips video premiere.



Dub with 'ol Garrison in Chris' absence

St. Vincent at Hailey's

Lent a few words/synopsis points for this Spoon video post on a day that the Forkcast brazenly pilfered three of Chris' posts in what can only be described as a veritable apetown, post-4th hatrick.

Chris finally has the chance to post a little Young Marble Giants gem, a cut which I've been frothing over for months.

Ghosthustler + The Party @ Granada

Dan Deacon

June Mohawk Residency

WinBron /WinBron linkage & linkage

Panda Bear v :::::

Blender Approved ¿

The Loft "partnership" announcement

Animal Collective

Menomena's Danny Seim guest journals for Local Cut, Portland's music weekly, profiles the GvsB-curated Menomena/Tree Wave shindig at the Cavern, and borrows a shot to help tell his story.

Attal and co.'s clever communications. The artists...they're not not like puppets. Never the how, quite fun, they. ¿uest and accompaniment may or may not be a nod to Tanker McKelvy.

There's some intrigue, no doubt, to these sort of breathing caricatures that well brighten things for a moment.

TV on the Radio

Garrison's illuminating interview with John Vanderslice, renowned San Francisco songwriter and producer. While a critically-lauded performer, Vanderslice is also a noted expert on the state of the industry, independent new media marketing and promotion, and the still-fledgling digital age. A prescient piece in light of the recent Apple/EMI DRM liquidation. (David performed body copy/question copy edits + refinements)

G4's "Attack of the Show" ¿

Tune Core GvsB Partnership: Copy (p. 18) for Guitar Center Brochure

Panda Bear i :::::::london bear:::::::::
Panda Bear ii
Panda Bear iii
Panda Bear iv
Austin Chronicle *
Hot Freaks i *
Hot Freaks ii *
Austin American-Statesman *
Daily Texan *
Sound Team/Bill i
Bill ii
Bill iii
Weird AOL GvsB Nod/Pantomimery *
Plug Awards Award para el Blog Radio *
P4K's Suarez *
SxSW i

SxSW '07 Polaroids
top row: Spank Rock and Bonde Do Role; Apostle of Hustle
bottom row: The Pharcyde's Fatlip

Grizzly Bear I: Good Records
grizzly bear.jpg
(videos by Rye Clifton and David)

Grizzly Bear II
Grizzly Bear III

Menomena/Tree Wave i
Menomena/Tree Wave ii
Esquire Magazine Alludes to Hot Freaks Mayhem, a Veritable "Hello, Hey" to the Success of the Event *
Andy Hawgood's Vetiver Poster *
Old, yes yes yes, yet good: Yeah Yeah Yeah's Good Records Instore (Garrison Hidalgo the Paparazzo)

What some have said about the site, and Chris' preternatural instincts. Gorillas and bears are at once fierce and humble. Intuitive as well.

"A rave review on Gorilla vs. Bear...is tons better than a similar notice in Spin and/or Rolling Stone"
--The Austin Chronicle, Feb. 2, 2007

Best Music Blog
-- Rolling Stone, May 1, 2008

"Blog titans"
-- Austin American-Statesman: Austin 360, July 15, 2008

"At one time you had Creem and Crawdaddy and Rolling Stone; now you have MySpace and Pitchfork and blogs like Gorilla vs. Bear..."
--Andy Slater, (former) President of Capitol Records, LA Times, December 17, 2006

"influential MP3 blog"
-- Newsweek, June 19, 2006

"hot indie-music sites like Music for Robots and Gorilla vs. Bear..."
-- Rolling Stone Magazine, April 2006

"Gorilla vs. Bear has quietly and quickly become one of the nation's top MP3 blogs..."
-- Dallas Observer, June 2006

"...influential Dallas-based music blog..."
-- Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"...blogs like stereogum.com, brooklynvegan.com, gorillavsbear.net...are doing a fine job of covering all the bases"
-- Men's Health magazine, March 2007

"Underground, but not willfully so."
-- Q Magazine, Feb. 2007

"The mighty Gorilla Vs. Bear (still our favorite music blog)..."
-- Pitchforkmedia, Feb. 22, 2007

"When we want to hear exceptional new music—not just anything, but stuff selected by people with respectable eardrums—we go to Gorilla vs. Bear. Their music recommendations have all but supplanted the need to ever walk into a record store again—though not because of the bevy of mp3s. GvsB’s picks are knowledgeable yet friendly; they want you to hear it because they love it. And if another blogger found it first, they’re only too happy to give credit where it’s due. Surly music store clerks beware."
-- The Morning News, May 24, 2007

Other Random Press, etc.
Rolling Stone. Logic? :: ::
Guardian UK : :: :: :
Austin Chronicle :: :::: ::

Flickr Photo Archive

Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated I
Sports Illustrated II
Sports Illustrated III - Sound Team
Sports Illustrated IV - Sound Team Power Rankings
Sports Illustrated V- GvsB
Sports Illustrated VI - Kevin Durant/Bron/"Movie Monster"

Indie Interviews:Copy
IndieInterviews is the brainchild of Garrison Reid (aka "G"), another great friend whose wide berth of wisdom, talent and expertise are ceaselessly instructional and inspiring. He's as much a teacher as he is a sage and baddical collaborator. The site is currently on holiday. G also plays a significant role on many of D. Bartholow Marketing's print and web projects.
The Futureheads
The Streets
Sound Team

Bill Baird Videos ({{{Sunset}}} DVD)


Sound Team "The Fastest Man Alive" iPod Video Press
iPod Video

Various Sound Team on GvsB '05-'07
Work EP Announcement/Rolling Stone Review
Bill at Mojo's
iPod Video
SxSW coverage

Orange Vinyl Contest

Sound Team and Pitchfork
Infamous "Movie Monster" Review
Infamous Response to "Movie Monster" Review. Antique Pitchfork courtesy of the Uncommon Market (2701 Fairmount St., Dallas, TX 75201

Misc. Team. Sound Team.
BBC2 recording session at Big Orange, June 2006. Polaroids by David.

top row: bill baird, gabe pearlman, jordan johns
bottom row: matt oliver, michael baird, sam sanford

Slate Magazine Bill/Pitchfork
Boston Globe
Jane Magazine
Stereogum - "Born to Please"


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