29 June 2010


After months of good, solid work, we launched a revised site today.  Check it out.   Many thanks to the many various talented hands at BUZZMEDIA and, you know, Chris.

(Updating all past GVB-related links will take some time.  Bear with me)

28 June 2010

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge / Dallas / 27. June 2010

The Mighty Trinity / Dallas / 27. June 2010

Off Continental

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge / Dallas / 27. June 2010

20 June 2010


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The Alt Report

17 June 2010

Wellhouse CO + DC9 At Night

A flyer I designed for client Wellhouse CO was just named poster of the week by the Dallas Observer's DC9 At Night blog.

15 June 2010



LA's PURO INSTINCT (formerly Pearl Harbor) used a Polaroid I shot last December on the cover of their new EP.

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02 June 2010

Memoryhouse + Twin Sister + Sleep Over / The Loft / Dallas / 25. August 2010

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