02 July 2009


A client, Traxo.com, is gaining steam in advance of their highly anticipated launch, which is expected to happen in next 30-45 days or so. Traxo is a rad travel social networking tool aiming to connect travelers of all varieties in unforeseen circumstances. Users/friends make connections by discovering travel coincidences through a super intuitive and savvy interface that puts sites like TripIt and WAYN to shame. The Dallas-based start-up is emerging from its early stages of development after honing the technology for some time and, like that, the site is garnering a lot of early buzz in advance of the forthcoming launch.

Check out what Thrillist / Dallas had to say about Traxo in a recent article.

Expect to hear more about this start-up sooner than later. For now, sign up for the beta test.

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