06 March 2008

Basketball Leagues

Dallas Pressure Basketball Club advertisement.  Dallas Morning News.  03.06.08.

A pricey Dallas Morning News ad buy for a start up kids basketball league. After it was decided, initially, that Sports Day placement in the paper would be too exorbitant, a generous parent stepped to the free throw line and drained a clutch go-ahead, purchasing the real estate because her kid, allegedly ill as sin, is hungry for more thunder dunkin'. Also, the coaches are unreal and she thinks it's an invaluable outlet for young ballers who want to spend more time in the gymnasium with a rarefied breed of instructor in Samuels and Jennings, respectively.


LeBron had a dream come true sort of performance on the NBA's biggest stage - Madison Square Garden - last night, a 50 pt, 10 assist, 8 rebound display that culminated in the following. I think what LeBron said is one of the most kind-hearted and empathetic real-time remarks you'll hear from one of the most elite superstars in sport: (via SI.com)

"It could have been scary, with 17-year-old Anthony Erskine from Mount Vernon coming right up to James to talk to him on the bench after James had departed for good with 23 seconds left.

''It was a great feeling. You get a fan to come down there to express the way he feels about you ... told me I was his favorite player, that never happens,'' James said. ''I respect him. I respect his pride and for him to come out there and tell me something like that face to face. It's like the (most) unbelievable thing that ever happened to me.''

Erksine said he's been a fan since James was a senior in high school, in 2002.

''I never got a chance to see him in person, and that's my favorite player. I want to be just like him. I never got a chance to meet him. So I finally got a chance to meet him in person,'' Erskine said.

''I never thought I would get a chance to see him again, so I figured 'Why not?'''

James said he was never afraid when he saw Erskine coming.

''I'm 6-9 and 260,'' James said. ''I'm all right.'

The MVP is an amazing kid when it comes down to it. He's a dude who understands his role better than just about anyone.


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