27 June 2007


The skinny on last night's Mohawk residency via Bill Baird, aka Sunset}}}}}:

"jordan johns, sam sanford on bass and harmony vocals,
willis mcclung on pedal steel, joey koehl on electric
lead guitar, me on drone guitar, paul sisler banging
randomly. spread through the space were two droning
keyboards linked through daisy chained amps. my
guitar "drones" because it is a double-neck... i open
tuned one of the necks, then strummed the other... the
effect is a swirling insanity produced without any
effects of any kind... the strings on the open tuned
neck reverberated as "sympathetic strings" with the
chords I am playing onthe other side of the neck, as
well as the music other folks are playing. show
started with just me doing the drone, then keyboards
flipped on through the room, then band joined and we
played "the end of the world" and a newer song of mine
"bright blue dream" and a medley of the last two sogns
off the beatles' "revolver." all against an open "E "
drone... i thought it was pretty o.k. considering we
had no practice at all.


Blimey. Wish I had dones seen that.

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