19 May 2008

RA D IOHEA_D /// D_ALL AS /// 18. MAY 2008

IMG_2766_big.jpg____IMG_2685_big.jpg___________IMG_2725_big.jpgIMG_2775_big.jpg______________________IMG_2831_big.jpgIMG_2769_big.jpgIMG_2847_big.jpgThom Yorke.  Radiohead.  Dallas, 05.18.08.Johnny Greenwood of the groove band Radioheads scorches a crowd of Texans with a Telecaster and 47 pedals.Radiohead guitarist, Ed O'Brien, preps his peddles for "15 Step".  Radiohead is a band from Oxford, England. They had not played Dallas for a good ten years.  A decade.  It had been that long._______rh 8.jpegThom Yorke plays "There, There".  Dallas, 05.18.08.rh 5.jpeg___________________rh 1.jpeg_____________IMG_2708_420.jpgIMG_2836_420.jpg

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