16 March 2008

Misc. SXSW 2008


SXSW reminded me that twists and turns in life can reap positive rewards.

Click: SXSW in Polaroid/Holga 35mm.
Picture 3.png

The post: part I
The post: part II
The post: part III

Misc. GvsB press throughout the week. Click the pubs.

Paste Magazine
The Times London
LA Weekly
New York Times ArtsBeat Blog
Aquarium Drunkard
Chris' SI.com announcement

Brooklyn Vegan incorporates El Guincho Polaroid

(Chris and I also curated a monthlong playlist for Sports Illustrated's NCAA Tournament blog, run by the illustrious Luke Winn.)


The Gorilla vs. Booze photo post.

Pedernales wall.  Austin, Tejas.  12. March 2008.

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