30 September 2007

Radiohead LP7: "In Rainbows"

Felt compelled to make a quick note about Radiohead's genius unearthing of their forthcoming LP, "In Rainbows", miraculously due digitally in 10 days, a veritable Trojan horse to the music industry's staid lead time/scheduling/promo cycle. Garrison cracked the code via an RSS feed and we were the first to post on it as a result. Mad props, however meaningless it soon became in the grand scheme when it was subsequently reported by 765,432 sources just moments later.

(an artist's rendering of what the physical copies of "In Rainbows" might look like, translated directly from the binary coding of the songs' original files and woven into a physical representation/image of the digital record)

Anyway, it's a genius marketing move, and one that I will admit to having predicted well over a year ago when it was announced that they were holding out on Capitol after their deal expired. A band of Radiohead's caliber has no need for a label in the modern era, especially a desperate dinosaur like Capitol (a label that I can attest, through personal experience, is severely lacking in mental fortitude and forethought). Anything Radiohead does is hyper buzzworthy, so why wouldn't they leverage their prowess and debunk the archaic machine in one fell swoop? Admittedly, few bands are in a position to pull something like this off, but I'll venture to say that Radiohead has nonetheless shaken up the entire system with this gesture. No question. It's only appropriate that a band of this caliber is responsible for executing such a wicked coup. An interesting day for the biz, no doubt. Leaves pretty much everything up in the air.

That, and it's probably going to be an unbelievable record.

Also...the fact that Radiohead allows you to determine the cost of the record is an exquisite commentary. They'll send it to you for $0.00, or whatever you choose to pay.

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