26 June 2007

Tonight in Austin: Tree Wave/Sunset}}}}}}}

After some logistical conundrums thwarted our efforts to enlist Portland's Yacht for the the second installment of this month's
KEXP/The Onion/And*Or Gallery/GvsB/Austinist-sponsored Mohawk residency in Austin, Chris and I this past week suggested to Tree Wave's Paul Slocum that he consider letting Bill Baird join the bill.

Baird aka Sunset}}}} , for the unacquainted, is a rare artist with a wildly imaginative array of styles, approaches, and ideas, and is wont to indulge in the type of avant surrealist performance art that befits certain pairings and environments. Paul couldn't refuse after a quick turn at Bill's MySpace.

(the lad is also the bellweather of Sound Team, not your everyday Rock and Roll 2.0 bassist/producer/aesthetic director/idea guy)

Bill's shows command and require a certain patience that is infinitely rewarding when welcomed. Tonight he will, in his words, arrange a "daisy chain of amps around the room, creating alternate spatial listening experience and natural delay," in a show that will, according to Bill, be "spacey, sludgy, and strange."

Housesitting duties have me tied down in Dtown, as they do every ruddy summer, really. Anyway, sure wish I could attend. We put a lot into making sure that the show was going to be compelling, a standard set by Paul's admirably fastidious approach. Some things didn't go as planned, but nevertheless this will be mighty good and well all things considered.

Here's Chris' post, for which I supplied all necessary data, Billnfo, etc.

Austinist post

Many thanks to Tree Wave and Sunset}}}}} for participating and making this such a rad event.

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